Integrating Tenrox with the Project Planning Tool

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Users can now perform mass updates and searches using the Project Planning tool.  


The Project Planning tool enables you to create projects, assign resources to tasks, track progress, and analyze the progress of projects visually through Gantt charts.


Through the integration of this tool with Tenrox, projects can be published by sending the project WBS, resource assignments, and ETC to Tenrox. Conversely, projects can also be updated by retrieving information such as time entries, assignments, and ETC from Tenrox.


The Project Mapping and Task Mapping features have been geared to extend the product's ease-of-use and flexibility, while providing you with even greater capabilities for efficient project control. The mapping feature allows you to fully integrate Project Management into your everyday customer relations and sales activities.


Project Planning Enterprise Tool (Offline): When this software is used offline (with no internet connectivity) it is known as the Project Planning Enterprise Tool (Offline). It has identical functions and is the same software, with the exception that it is intended to be used as a desktop, or offline version, for those who travel a lot, or for those who have sporadic or limited access to internet connections, for example. Any functions that differ due to the software not always being 'synched', or 'live' are documented in Using the Project Planning Enterprise Tool (Offline).

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