Setting Up the Reports

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A company’s efficiency is directly related to the accuracy of its reports. The reports control the summarization of information. Access to accurate information regarding project status, billing and time usage is crucial to profitably manage projects. Tenrox provides a variety of reports to offer administrators access to live data reporting instantaneously. The reporting engine can be used by organizations to design new reports or customize existing ones, as well as add fields, labels and images as required; for more information on reports, see Displaying Reports and Dashboard View and the Tenrox Reports Guide.


The Tenrox Reports Designer is a tool used to create and generate reports. With the Tenrox Reports Designer, users can perform the following:

        Access data from the most widely used databases, such as MSDE, MS SQL and DBMS

        Create reports from scratch by defining the report’s source of data, grouping the records and formatting the report objects and layout, as well as control the size and appearance of a report

        Assign the users that can view certain reports

        Display information with the desired level of detail by making large, complex data sets easier to understand and grouping data into sections and levels

        View or export information in HTML, Excel and Word formats

        View Web and Microsoft reports

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