Setting Up the Invoices

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An invoice is created to track billable amounts due from a client. The invoices (billable amounts) generated in Tenrox can then be exported to an organization’s accounting software. For more information, see Integrating Tenrox with Third Party Software Solutions. The invoices also support  multiple currencies to allows clients to be billed in the required currency.


The Tenrox Invoice module takes into consideration the billing rate, hours entered by users, taxes and other factors to calculate the total of an invoice for a given period of time. Tenrox uses invoice workflows to track invoices in an organization. In an organization, a sequence of steps are carried out before an invoice is sent to a client; for example, an invoice can be sent from one department or manager to another for approval before it is sent to the client. Therefore, invoice workflows are created to ensure the invoice approval process is carried out sequentially.

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