Setting Up the Dashboards

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Dashboards display a list of the dashboards assigned to a user. The dashboards allow users and businesses to access, analyze and present critical data visually and in real-time, including  timesheets, expense reports, action items and reports related to specific projects. With the dashboards,  time is productively spent analyzing and acting on key data, not collecting the data.


The efficient management of projects and organizations requires that information is readily available. With the dashboards, critical metrics from an organization's departments and locations are consolidated in a single view without spending time collecting the data, performing manual analyses, creating the reports and then viewing them.  The drilling functionality embedded in the dashboard allows managers to explore the statistics data; for example, a project manager can drill down into an OLAP report that shows a project over-utilizing its budget to view the factors affecting the project’s budget, such as resources, scope change requests or charges.


Each user can customize the dashboard to meet their requirements. Dashboards can be assigned to users through the following pages::

Note:  The highest level of precedence is granted to the Dashboards association defined at the User level, followed by that defined at the Group level, and finally by that defined at the Security Profile level. To enable various dashboard features for a user, ensure that the appropriate check box is selected in the security profile associated to the user.

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