Setting Up the Overtime Processing

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The overtime processing option accurately records the overtime worked, ensuring it is quantified and recorded correctly, as well as adheres to compliance with industrial boards for fair employee compensation and company protection. When configuring the system, administrators define how the overtime hours worked are configured. The overtime hours worked are defined as the hours that exceed the default hours already assigned per week for work. After the Enable Overtime Policy check box is selected (Setup>Timesheet>Timesheet Templates>Timesheet Template Edit>Options tab), the overtime policy can be defined.

        Consecutive Rule Function: overtime is calculated starting from the <x> consecutive day of work, on every day starting this day until there is no time entered or there is a holiday

        On the seventh consecutive day: overtime is calculated starting on the seventh consecutive day of work

        California rule: overtime is calculated on the seventh consecutive day of the work week (day one being the period start date)

Note:  For the On the seventh consecutive day and On the seventh consecutive day rules, overtime is applied only on the seventh day. If a daily rule is processed afterwards, it does not process for the seventh day. If a weekly or bi-weekly rule is processed afterward, only remaining hours are used. For more information, see Timesheet Setup: Setting Up Overtime Policies and Timesheet Setup: Enabling Overtime Policy Processing at the Global Level.

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