Using the Tenrox Application at the Management Level

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Management is the act of supervising resources in an organization to accomplish mandated goals and objectives. Management consists of planning, organizing, staffing and controlling an organization or effort for the purpose of accomplishing a goal. The responsibilities of managers include reviewing and approving the timesheets, expense reports, purchase orders, requisitions, and resource requests submitted by users; generating, previewing and printing reports for projects, tasks and users; and viewing, assigning and tracking work process entries, tasks and requests created by employees, clients and partners. For information on typical functions performed by administrators, managers and user roles, see Defining the Workplace Roles.


The managers access the Tenrox modules to perform the following functions:

        View, approve and reject user timesheets, as well as add, edit and delete user assignments, using  Timesheet Manager; for more information, see Timesheet Management

        Search and commit resources using Resource Central and Resource Scheduling pages; for more information, see Collaborative Workforce Planning Management

        View, approve and reject user expense reports using the Expense Report List; for more information, see Expense Report Management

        View, approve and reject user purchase orders and requisitions using the Purchase List and Requisition List; for more information, see Purchase Order and Requisitions Management

        View, add, requisition, delete and modify user work processes using the Work List; for more information, see Work Process Management

Note:  The extent of functionality accessible to managers depends on licensing, rights assigned to their security profiles and application setup.