Defining the Workplace Roles

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Tenrox is a Web-integrated  solution that automates and streamlines business processes for project or service oriented organizations to allows administrators, managers and users to manage time more efficiently. Tenrox also centralizes all workplace administration tools and tasks, as well as maintains consistency, ensuring that automation adheres to approved, pre-designed work processes and workflows.


The workplace is a collection of Web applications that are set up to meet the requirements and expectations of administrators, managers and  users.


The administrators define the organization, users, work periods, calendars, holidays, and groups, as well as assign the default settings to field attributes, work types, projects, tasks, clients, expenses and licenses. From the workplace, administrators set and modify the preferences, manage the workflows, and set up the Organization Breakdown Structure (OBS), Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), timesheets, expense reports, financial information, purchase orders, requisitions and integrations with other software.


For more information on administrative functions, see the following:

        Setting Up the Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS)

        Setting Up the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

        Setting Up the Collaborative Workforce Planning (CWP)

        Setting Up the Timesheets

        Setting Up the Expenses

        Setting Up the Financials

        Setting Up the Purchase Orders and Requisitions

        Setting Up the Work Processes

        Setting Up the Invoices

        Setting Up the Overtime Processing

        Setting Up the Charge Entries

        Setting Up the Product Entries

        Setting Up the Workflows

        Setting Up the Reports

        Setting Up the Email Notifications

        Setting Up the Dashboards



The managers review and approve timesheets, expense reports, purchase orders, requisitions and resource requests submitted by other users in the organization. The managers can also view, assign and track various types of work process entries, tasks and requests created employees, clients and partners. From the workplace, timesheet managers set tasks and approve or reject user timesheets; expense managers approve or reject expense reports; purchase managers manage the purchase orders and work process managers approve or reject details affecting the work processes; resource managers handle resource requests and workforce planning queries; and managers track, collect and analyze information in the form of milestones, reports and dashboard constructions.


For more information on management functions, see the following:

        Timesheet Manager Setup

        Timesheet Management

        Collaborative Workforce Planning Management

        Expense Report Management

        Purchase Order and Requisition Management

        Charge Entry and Approval Management

        Work Process Management

        Ad Hoc Report Management



The users enter expenses incurred for clients, projects and tasks in their expense reports, enter time entries and notes in their timesheets, as well as additional time, money or item charges. The users can also enter items to be purchased, and optionally provide promised supplier prices or preferred vendors in their purchase orders and requisitions. From the workplace, users preview and print personal timesheets, expense reports, requisitions and work processes, as well as create a new work process entries, tasks or requests.


For information on user functions, see the following:

        Using Timesheets and Timesheet Templates

        Using Expense Reports

        Using Purchase Orders and Requisitions

        Using Work Processes