Accessing the Tenrox Software Development Kits (SDKs)

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The Tenrox SDK references provide the documentation on how to enable, access, and use the Tenrox Application Programming Interface (API) Web services; for more information,  see Tenrox Application Software Development Kit (SDK).

Note: When downloading  the Tenrox SDK file from the Tenrox site, the file may be blocked to help protect your computer. If the Tenrox SDK does not load properly when opened, save the Tenrox.Application.SDK file locally on your computer and then right-click the file to display the shortcut menu. From the shortcut menu, click Properties and the Unblock button, and then click Apply and OK to allow the file to load.


To learn how to use the SDK, see the following video tutorials:

Connecting to the Tenrox Web Services

Interacting with the User Web Services


Note: In the SDK Document file, the section Create A Reusable Token is no longer valid. To use the token, simply access this DLL file and reference it in your application.