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The Tenrox online help is a repository that contains the Tenrox product documentation, Software Development Kits (SDKs) and other related user documentation for the Tenrox 2011 R1 release and later. The Tenrox online help provides answers to most of your questions related to our software. To view all information by category contained in the online help, click Contents in the navigation pane to display the hierarchical tree structure organized with collapsible books.


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What's New in Tenrox

        To learn what's new or changed in the latest Tenrox release, see What's New in Tenrox 2013 R1

        To learn what's new or changed in Tenrox by release, see What's New or Changed in Tenrox

        To view the history of the Tenrox releases, see Tenrox Release History

Getting Started

        Preparing to Install Tenrox

        Installing Tenrox

        Navigating in Tenrox

        Accessing the Menu Bar in the Tenrox Application

        Defining the Workplace Roles

        Viewing the Tenrox Modules from a Centralized Location

        Setting Up the Application Preferences and Quick Links in Tenrox

        Displaying the Quick Links Control Panel

Setup and Maintenance

        Setting Up the Single Sign-On (SSO) Add-On

        Setting Up the Web Browsers

         Attaching Notes and Documents

        Setting Up the Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS)

        Setting Up the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

        Setting Up the Collaborative Workforce Planning (CWP)

        Setting Up the Timesheets

        Setting Up the Expenses

        Setting Up the Financials

        Setting Up the Purchase Orders and Requisitions

        Setting Up the Work Processes

        Setting Up the Invoices

        Setting Up the Overtime Processing

        Setting Up the Charge Entries

        Setting Up the Product Entries

        Setting Up the Workflows

        Setting Up the Reports

        Setting Up the Email Notifications

        Setting Up the Dashboards

        Setting Up and Maintaining the Server


        Integrating Tenrox with Third Party Software Solutions

        Integrating Tenrox with Mobile Devices

        Integrating Tenrox with the Project Planning Tool


        Accessing the Tenrox Software Development Kits (SDKs)

Using Tenrox

        Using the Tenrox Application at the Management Level

        Using the Tenrox Application at the Standard User Level

        Using the Desktop Application for Offline Access